Code Name: Spoiled Dragon - Done and now inhabited!

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That is Fantastic!!! Anyway you could put together a DIY sheet with materials, measurements, and instructions for us? I would love to make something like that, but I am useless when it comes to wood work.


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Thanks! My boyfriend Matt actually did most of the technical details of the dimensions. I was kind of "artistic director" and worker bee. I can ask if he'd be willing to do a DIY but I highly recommend the "Crossfire" instructions. That's what I based this off of :)

124072 :

The slate was about $22 for 10 tiles. I used 8 in the making of this. :) We actually installed the tiles like a normal tile floor. Hardibacker was attached to the wood using "liquid nails" and then we laid morter down, then the tiles, then after that had time to dry we grouted.

Hope that helps!


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Can you guys come down to Iowa and make me one :lol: ?? My tank just looks so ugh, wish I had some carpentry skills. My dad is great but he is gonna shoot me one of these days. Fixed my kitchen window that my dogs destroyed, built a chicken coop, a whelping box, a deacons bench, etc, oh dear how do I ask him to build me an enclosure for a bearded dragon :roll:
well anyhow that is a very nice home you have there :blob5:
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