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I'm so excited to get a bearded dragon but I really want to build them a great home first. So I scoured the site and the web and checked out the crossfire plans (among others) and then started designing!

My enormously helpful BF Matt helped with the design and technical details and he's also going to help me build it (is he awesome or what!). Here's a Sketch-Up drawing of the basic plan.


It has a Slate floor, solid wood walls and top with vents (vents are 10" x 4"), and Plexi sliding doors.
The dimensions are 24" x 24" x 48" and will be home to one bearded dragon.

I bought pine board but DON"T WORRY... I know about the potential for fumes if it's not adequately sealed and we will be staining it and then giving it 4-5 coats of Polycrylic from Min-Wax (which seems to be used often by members of the forum). We're staining it a "Brown Mahogany". The slate is BEAUTIFUL! and we got a dark gray for grout. I'll also be building a custom cave/ basking spot using the styrofoam/grout technique.

The Pretty Slate:

The Supplies Pile:

I'm going to have TONS of technical questions I assure you. :) I'm definitely going to be posting updates too!

I know it's a bit premature to be posting about it at all I"m just really excited!


It's almost done! We finished staining and sealing (4 coats of Minwax Polycrylic). The electric is wired, the vents attached (with screen in between for added bug holding ability), the tiles are cut, and last night we layed the morter and started tiling!

All that's left is to grout the tile and seal it, caulk any cracks and glue on the sliding door track! WOOHOO! I'm going to have my little man come home on Thursday and I CAN"T WAIT!

Now for the updated pictures:

The strange blue thing is a tree stump climb that I"m making for the viv. It's just waiting to be coated with grout after we grout the tiles. I also have some LOVELY natural stones to put on the basking side to elevate him to the right distance from the MVB bulb :)


The electrical. (Has switches inside and it's all wired to one power cord which will be on a timer.)




It's DONE! I still need to finish his tree but the viv is done and cozy and my little dude is home and settled in!

Here's the first picture of him taking in his first little bask. The basking spot is a nice toasty 107 and the cool side is 85. He seems to prefer the warm side so far :)

Here's a pulled back shot of it's location and stuff. The roach bin is on top to take advantage or the ambient heat. :)


You may notice the absence of a hide... we did this upon recommendation from his breeder so that he doesn't hide all day and not get the sun and heat he needs to digest. I give him a blanky at night and he LOVES to snuggle up to sleep :)


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LillyandRuby":72b64 said:
Wow that is going to be incredible! Love your Code Name:)

Thanks! I'm going to do my best to make sure it lives up to the name.

Just occurred to me I should have posted this in DIY though. -doh-

If a mod sees this could you move it?


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So we've been puttying it and this weekend I"m hoping to get it stained.

I've picked and put a down payment on my little cutie (a nice red 10" boy from "Midnight Dragons")

He's the CUTEST!

Anyway Ernie at Midnight Dragons suggested getting an MVB bulb for my size enclosure. I did some research and that does definitely sound like the best idea. He also suggested a supplemental florescent light to make it nice and bright in there. So I'm just switching the plan from UVB florescent with incandescent spot to MVB with normal florescent.

Now I have to figure out if the MVB needs the dome style light fixture or if that would constrict the light too much. SO MANY DETAILS!

I'll take pictures of the progress this weekend :)


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Well I've updated the first post with the progress. It's been kinda slow going with a couple of missteps that added time but it's finally almost there!

I've got the roaches, I've got the MVB bulb, I've got the decor, now I just need grout and doors!


The little man will be coming home soon!


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Very nice setup sir!

Have a question, Wont your basking lamp be too close to your dragon? How far will it be from your basking area?



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It looks sweet!!! Wanna come and build me some new ones? Anyways. It looks like your enclousre is going to be perfect. Keep it basic. You may need to section it off for a month or so becuase it is so big for your little guy. It is only necessary if you find him not basking and not chasing food to the other side. Test the temps with the glass in place and let me know how they turn out.

BTW. Your little guy is doing awesome. Starting a shed. But, eating every roach I through at him.



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Look really good. Great pic of the lighting. Will give pointers on what it would look like and what people can buy. oh, How much heavier would you say the Viv weighs due to the tiling. Couple more punds. Or do you think you could even tell.


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LQDragons: Thanks! It's been hard work for both of us but it's gonna be soooo worth it :)

sunkist: -hee hee- Well I just want to make sure he has every opportunity to grow into a big strong dragon :)

muzikfreakah: Thanks very much! About the MVB height.... Without any platform it's 15" from the ground. I have a few stones between 3 and 5 inches that I'm going to use to raise his basking spot to the right temperature. The packaging recommends 12" from the light to the bask as a max. Thanks for checking :)

midnight_962002: I'm just so thrilled that it's almost done! Tomorrow we mount the tracks and I'll spend the afternoon/evening adjusting the temps to be just right :)

He can be as sheddy as he wants... he's still gonna look GORGEOUS to me! :love5:

LittleRob: Thanks! The tiling is definitely not light. I'd say it adds about 15 pounds or so. -ouch!- Doesn't bother me though as it's going to sit in one place :)


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Woohoo! It's all done and my little man is home and enjoying it :)

I posted the pics and stuff in the original post :)
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