ceramic base came apart from heat lamp??


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Hey all! So last night I was trying to untwist a basking bulb from the lamp cover (specifically Fluker’s clamp lamp
8.5) and I was really struggling to get it off. And then suddenly instead of the bulb coming out, the whole like ceramic base at the bottom came unattached from the rest of the lamp, with the bulb still in it. And now I’m having trouble getting both the ceramic lamp to reattach to lamp AND the bulb to come out. Any tips for a newbie on how to deal with both of these issues lol??? I am afraid of shattering the bulb as well. How can I do this without breaking it? Thanks.


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Also pay attention to how hot the lamp is when you screw in or out a bulb. Always let everything cool down fist as the fit gets thighter with raising temperature (due to the material expanding).

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