1. L

    Looking for Advice on Lighting and Heating Placement, and Whether or Not to Add a Jungle Dawn LED Bar

    I recently inherited a beardie (my first) and got her a new, bigger tank (48"x24"x18"). Her substrate is a mixture of Jurassic desert sand/topsoil/excavator clay. She has a 75w Zoo Med basking bulb over her basking spot and a Reptisun T5 HO 10.0 bar with a deep heat projector bulb for...
  2. quantum

    Beginner Bearded Dragon Owner

    Before I start, I need to establish some things. I got my first ever personal pet today, a bearded dragon. I have never owned my own pet, nor do I have any pet experience under my belt. I got my bearded dragon today (4/27/24) at PetSmart. I have a 40 gallon tank that came with the things I...
  3. C

    Need help finding a fixture for my beardies reptisun 10.0 25 watt T8 fluorescent bulb that's 36 inches

    So recently my fixture for my lizard went out and he's been without UVB for about 2 days while we've struggled to find something that will actually work. I have him outside with me trying to get him some sun at the moment. Where can we find a fixture that isn't a hood that will actually work...
  4. zonkey

    ceramic base came apart from heat lamp??

    Hey all! So last night I was trying to untwist a basking bulb from the lamp cover (specifically Fluker’s clamp lamp 8.5) and I was really struggling to get it off. And then suddenly instead of the bulb coming out, the whole like ceramic base at the bottom came unattached from the rest of the...
  5. zonkey

    New Owner, basking light help??

    Hi all, I have a 50 gal (36 x 18 x 18) tank, and will be getting a baby beardie here soon this month. However, i am really struggling to figure out what basking/heat light(s) to get. I've just read a lot of different thoughts on the wattage, for example. I'm not sure what to do. I am thinking...
  6. Shard

    Can't Get Temps Hot Enough

    I can't seem to get Xion's temps right no matter what I've tried so far. I've used a temp gun & probe to check. She has a UVB tube. Her basking spot is about 6 inches from the bulb (I'm afraid of potentially hurting her if I push it closer) Her basking spot is a rock large enough for her to lay...
  7. clyde612

    Which Arcadia for a 40 gallon if I'm going to put the light on TOP of the mesh (medium/large mesh)

    I see there is a 14% Beardie, a 12% Desert, and the 6% Forest. I would assume the 12% Desert would be a good fit but seeing as I am going to put in on TOP of the mesh, maybe I should get the stronger one? Let me know what you guys think. Also, I am just going to foster a beard for a couple of...
  8. Tigger_14


    I mpunted my uvb light inside its about 9 inches to where he is sitting in the photo is this to close?
  9. goosegoose

    New tank :)

    I just got my beardie into a new tank. It's a 120 gallon 4x2x2 from dubiaroaches. I am going to make a few adjustments but so far this is what I have. I'm going to change the lighting when I get the chance, but there's currently two 100w basking bulbs in the lamps I put a red mark on (basking...
  10. K

    Tips/recommendations for inside tank lighting?

    Hi everyone! We have two bearded dragons and for the longest time, especially for our older dragon, we’ve been using an Arcadia UVB and a 100 W basking bulb on top of the mesh of the viv. Our older bearded dragon is now in a 4 x 2 x 2, and I’m interested in putting a basking light inside of...
  11. D

    Exo Terra Light Unit - HOW DO I GET THE BULBS IN!!!

    Hi, I've had the unit for a while and I'm trying to replace the UVB bulb and I just can't do it!!!! Clearly I'd managed to get them in at some point but I'm finding it impossible to line the pins up properly. Has anyone else had this issue? Am I missing something??? 😭😭
  12. H

    Please help me with UVB lighting

    I have two coil UVB bulbs right now. I bought that as a quick and cheap way to get my new beardies bus UVB until I can research exactly what he needs. I didn’t want to buy expensive lighting before I knew which are correct. He is a rescue and I am a first time owner. I know and understand that...
  13. M

    Bought 34" 5.0 UVB by mistake, possible to supplement w/ smaller 10.0 bulb?

    I bought a 34" 5.0 UVB bulb for my 3' T5 HO fixture by mistake. Is it possible to supplement this bulb with a smaller 23W 10.0 UVB bulb? Will this safely provide adequate UVB? I would like to put the smaller bulb on top of the screen, if possible. This is a 120 gallon enclosure (4x2x2, metal...
  14. S

    Outside Enclosure Lighting

    Hi! Our beardie loves to hang out with us outside their tank. We don't let her out too long, but we were looking at getting her a mini light so she's not completely missing out on her heat/uv. We've ran our tank set up by the vet and forums here and bought all the best lights we could. Since...
  15. K

    How to raise basking temp in temporary enclosure?

    Hi all! We just adopted a 12 month old beardie. He was a family turn in, so I don’t know his full history, but he’s soooo sweet and docile. We’re currently in a 40g tank, but currently deciding if we want to build a 4x2x2 enclosure ourselves or buy one from Zen habitat or Dubia (suggestions...
  16. M

    Can basking bulbs be placed inside an enclosure? The box says not to?

    Hey, so I've seen tons of enclosures online with basking bulbs inside so I didn't think there was an issue. Then I looked at the box for the hood dome I recently bought and it says in fine print NOT to put inside. My preference is to put inside if it's safe to keep the enclosure looking nice and...
  17. C

    What fixture needed for 34in 39W T5 HO?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I’ve had my beardie Chester for soon to be 6 years. I am looking to upgrade my entire set up, and most importantly my UVB set-up. I’m looking at a 34in 39W reptisun 10.0 T5 HO. I can’t seem to find any fixtures for this length of bulb. Does anyone...
  18. R

    What more can I do for my beardie’s bones.?

    Unfortunately this year his bones started getting worse again right when he started brumation, so I haven’t been able to help him as well as I did when it was hotter. Before, I would give him more calcium powder more often in his foods, take him outside in the sun safely for hours, and not feed...
  19. LianneHenry

    Newbie in need of help!

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum! I adopted my bearded dragon Henry about a month ago. I have zero experience with reptiles so I am freaking out. Henry came from a house where he was severely neglected and was loaded with parasites. He was never really handled but crazy enough is really...
  20. P

    Replicating Natural Sunlight/Heat

    I have gone down a rabbit hole or research on trying to replicate natural sunlight spectrum (UV, visible, IR). Along with this, trying to mimic sunrise and sunset. Meaning gradually changing temps and UVI throughout the day, to mimic the natural changes experienced in the Australian Outback...
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