1. zonkey

    ceramic base came apart from heat lamp??

    Hey all! So last night I was trying to untwist a basking bulb from the lamp cover (specifically Fluker’s clamp lamp 8.5) and I was really struggling to get it off. And then suddenly instead of the bulb coming out, the whole like ceramic base at the bottom came unattached from the rest of the...
  2. E

    Should flukers reptiboost boost be fed before meal?

    My beardie has been losing a bit of weight (weighed him today and he was 358 but his waste just looks a little boney), Anyways I’m going to start flukers reptiboost, I have been feeding him canned mealworms but I’m about 2 weeks till the prep work will be done to start a Dubai roach colony. I’m...
  3. O

    Is your halogen on a dimmer?

    I got a couple Philips Halogen PAR38 72w flood lights and tested them on a Flukers 8.5" 150w max dimmable dome. The fixture states not to use a light higher than 75w with the dimmer function, so these bulbs are compatible with the fixture. They work fine, no flickering or anything. But I noticed...
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