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so rainier woke me up to him running around his cage and exploring it, climbing up and down his platform and stuff, so i knew the good energy was a good thing since usually when his bowels get going he runs around alot and is very active (they way he was doing). so later, i gave him some more mineral oil (i had given him some yesterday when i called the vet. the vet i liked talked to me and advised me to give him a bit more than i was giving and put keep soaking him and encourage him to move around and get excersize to get his bowels going- "like with a horse that has colic" he said- he also said he felt the dose of the dewormer that the other vet gave shouldn't cause to many worms to die at once and cause impaction, but just to keep a eye out for that in case.) so after giving him the mineral oil, i got a warm tub of water ready and put him in it and stayed with him for more than 30 min and the water was only starting to cool. and he started sorta to try to move and swim around (even tho it wasnt THAT deep to swim- i usually fill it so just his head and part of the flat of his back is above the water) so i started to stroke him firmly but gently- which i knew would encourage him to try to flail around more to try to climb out of the bin up my arm) and slowly, but surely, he let out a poop and a urate!!! it was pretty firm and it really wasnt a lot at all from what i know he CAN poop but it is SUCH a good start and i dont feel in as much despair as i was feeling before.

I know i still have a long ways to go with this still until he is completely rid of the pins. maybe even several or more weeks, but it has given me the extra boost of motivation and engouragement to have this issue well resolved. Right now he has climbed onto the top of his platform and is resting under his MVB bulb, looking alert, after wandering around and exploring his tank and even going into the "hide" part of the platform, where he likes to sleep, and was trying to excavate the side of the platform inside the cave part. (he likes to do that sometimes before he turns around so he is facing the entrance to sleep :p) so i knew he was feeling kinda good. lol.

thanks for all your helping so far, i continue to keep some updates going :)


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That is awesome news to hear! It sounds like he is on the road to recovery, & it does take some time.
Ranier sounds like he is happy & feeling so much better now. Great that he pooped too. :blob8:
So he was happily basking underneath the Mercury bulb huh? Maybe he is slowly getting back to himself.
Keep us updated on him, & post new pictures too, when you get a chance. :mrgreen:



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he has a Mercury vapor Bulb on one side and a reg. household light on the other. he likes basking under both when he isnt sick. when he is sick he doesnt do much basking. but he is so funny, he'll ignore the bricks sometimes and tries to climb to the top of the platform on the right sideof the tank w/o them and i have to help him if i see him, cus he'll be struggling for like a minute or two to climb up and won't give up! :p

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