A lizard crawled on me!

(Not a beardie story, hope this okay though since it is still lizard related)

Backstory: So there is this lil baby lizard that hangs around my house pretty often and today they happened to be on the windowsill of the room I was in

I went over to that window and put my hand in front of it to see what it would do and it crawled on me!
The lil baby lizard crawled on me! It was on my finger and was just kinda chilling there! I was talking to it and it tilted its head at me and I tilted my head back.

And when I went to go put it back, it didn't want to get off my hand, so like I moved my hand a bit and it jumped off with its limbs outstretched like "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!"

Although Swordtail puffed his beard out at me afterwards, I think he could smell the other lizard scent on my hands
What a jealous boy!


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