1. T

    Me or her envlosure

    my newcome baby nearded dragin is doing great but ther's one thing that i am worried about. My baby beardie aleays scratches her enclosure glass and stay staring me, she is always with stress lines too. Then i usually pick her up and make a beardie burrito and put on my lap. Dje fall asleep and...
  2. lizardlauren

    baby bearded dragon appears to be dying

    hi everyone, im posting here because im very concerned about the health of my girlfriends baby bearded dragon, harold. we adopted harold together from a reputable reptile store. he was very little when we got him, probably 2 months max. she has had him for about a month, and the whole time it...
  3. B

    URI in baby beardie?

    Hello! Yesterday I got a beardie that I've estimated to be around 5 months old. Every once in awhile, she'll make these clicking noises, which I know are usually possible signs of an URI, though she's not showing any other symptoms and seems to be doing perfectly fine otherwise. No saliva, no...
  4. R

    New beardie feeding questions - 6weeks old!

    Hi all, new and excited to be here! I picked up a 4 week old beardie on October 1 at a reptile expo. Gandalf is a leatherback male and has gorgeous coloring. He’s also my first reptile. He’s the best office companion with his set up in my office on a spare desk. I already love the little guy and...
  5. SilentArrow9

    New/First time Owner

    New beardie owner down here in Northern Arkansas. Got my dragon on January 23 from petco. I've always wanted one since I was a little kid but always got told no but I finally got around to getting one this year. I currently have her (I think) in a 20 gallon tank. I've got a friend working on...
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