1. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Beardie socks

    Got some bearded dragon socks pretty recently, Swordtail seems to like them. He even licked one of them!
  2. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    A lizard crawled on me!

    (Not a beardie story, hope this okay though since it is still lizard related) Backstory: So there is this lil baby lizard that hangs around my house pretty often and today they happened to be on the windowsill of the room I was in I went over to that window and put my hand in front of it to...
  3. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    The pose!

    "Draw me like one of your French lizards"
  4. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    The sexiest of legs!

    The ultimate sploot! (Pretty old picture btw)
  5. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    I finally got some good pictures of him with his mouth open!

  6. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    Hes chillin

    He's just a chill lil bean
  7. 2A6C431B-4C3D-4327-9911-C95A7BD447B9.jpeg


    Momo now requires a tv!
  8. IMG_20221216_165640.jpg


    bearded dragons roasting on an open fire beard puffers nipping at the greens
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