1. L

    Is there anything noticeably wrong with my bearded. please help I’m running out ideas.

    I’ve recently rescued a 3 year old bearded dragon that spent its whole life in a 20g Viv with no heat lights. I’ve moved into a 40g viv because it was the biggest I could find with a 75watt basking light, uvv and a 75watt night light for heat. I feed her 10 crickets and 1 super worm a day with...
  2. S

    Sick Beardie Night Temperatures

    Hi everyone! My beardie has follicular stasis, and my vet has recommended that I keep night time temperatures the same as daytime - around 37 degrees Celcius. However, everything I have seen has said not to do this, so if anyone has any opinions that would be very helpful. I am seeing the vet...
  3. Leahlm248

    Lizzie has a wound

    Hello, my beardie has little wounds on both front feet. They are still walking on them fine but I have noticed they are less energetic but still loving live food and human time. Could anyone identify what these wounds are from? Also how do I tell the gender of my beardie? I think it’s a girl so...
  4. R

    Rankin sick

    We have two rankins both between 8-12 months I think. The girl we have had about 4 months and the boy a monthS the girl is great big appetite very active especially when given food. She is currently 54 g. The boy is the problem: when we got him the person said he may be entering into brumation...
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