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  1. B

    HELP. I came home to this.

    Hi guys, I am completely sick to my stomach and filled with worry! I was at work today and my fiancé came home from running errands to this in our beardies cage. I have multiple beardies at the moment in different enclosures. I also had a beardie(milo) for 9 years. He passed away the beginning...
  2. E

    kinda urgent ( bloated )

    hi, i have a juvenile female bearded dragon. she had parasites in the beginning of june and shes been on two different meds for it and seemed to be doing better afterwards and we still have to get a sample tested. but shes bloated again so we were hoping it isnt parasites again. her waste looks...
  3. C

    Bearded dragon tail turning white

    My bearded dragon has what I presume to be yellow fungus, a ring around the end of his tail was a strong yellow. I immediately set up a very appointment. Since the appointment was so far out, I decided to take measures into my own hands while we waited. I started putting some antibacterial cream...
  4. M

    Anemic bearded dragon with low blood sugar and low protein, looking for help and advice

    My bearded dragon, Sylvain, is 3 years old and has always had some issues. When I got him he was a year old, covered in his own poop and already had a stiff/bent tail due to metabolic bone disease. He has always had some issue going on with his stomach that makes his poop irregular, but the vet...
  5. A

    Juvenile, 6-8 months old not eating, sleeping all day.

    Hey, my beadie has barely eaten anything in a week, only have 3 crickets about 3 days ago. He also just sleeps all day or chills with his eyes closed. His basking temp is 105° with humidity being around 20-30%. UVB and heat light are over crossing each other and meet at the basking spot, the...
  6. S

    Prolapsed Beardie! Vet Couldnt help

    I need some advice for my beardie. He prolapsed Friday night and i could not find a vet over the weekend in my area who could help. Monday morning i called the vet but they couldnt see him until the following day. (Ive been doing sugar baths and sugar paste in the meantime). When i took him in...
  7. lemonbread

    Something in Matcha’s Eye?

    My baby beardie (~3 months old) seems to be having some trouble with his eye. It’s squinted considerably, and the part I can see appears gray and very watery. I’m not sure how to post a picture, but if someone could help me out I’d be happy to add one. He has a proper light setup with a...
  8. T

    Baby Beardie Bitten by 1 Year old Beardie on the Head. HELP!!!!!

    I need help really fast. I already own one beardie who is just over a year old and her name is mustard. I just got a new beardie yesterday (ketchup) who couldn't be more than 6 weeks old at the most. I was doing that thing where I took him over to the dogs and let them smell him etc to make them...
  9. J

    What should I do next?

    So my bearded dragon had not been eating or really moving much, he stays on his basking spot and doesn’t really move from there he hasn’t ate at all in like 3 days, I thought he was shedding because his tail is turning gray but he just doesn’t seem to healthy, I took them a nice little soak in...
  10. S

    Help please! Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry if this is kinda gross but as my bearded dragon was using the bathroom something was sticking out of her butt. It was red but within about 3 minutes it went back in on its own. I tried to look things up but I can’t find anything. I added a picture so you can see. Thanks
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