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hi, i have a juvenile female bearded dragon. she had parasites in the beginning of june and shes been on two different meds for it and seemed to be doing better afterwards and we still have to get a sample tested. but shes bloated again so we were hoping it isnt parasites again. her waste looks solid and normal for the most part but her urate is kinda liquidy and there’s also access clear liquids. she wasnt eating much due to parasites so we started syringe feeding her and she hasn’t eaten herself since then. were still syringe feeding her with this bearded dragon food called gargeer and she has turkey baby food with it because the gel food is too dense. we do put vitamins/calcium in her food but anyway shes super bloated and we maybe thought it was cause the bearded dragon food which it could be but we also think it could be from her swallowing access air because of the syringe. we just recently put the uvb behind the heat lamp so she gets more uvb because shes stays in two spots most the time. so were hoping thatll maybe help but how could we fix the bloating if its access air ? we tried warm baths, olive oil and pumpkin which does make her defecate but shes still bloated. any suggestions ? it would mean alot thanks.
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Hey, I’m not able to help too much, sorry about that. Do you have an image of her poop? Could you also describe your lighting setup to us? I saw that you feed her something called “Gargeer” does she also get fed insects and greens regularly? I think that @KarrieRee and @AHBD could help better than me.


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its okay, were thinking about maybe calling the vet today. i can get a photo of her waste in the morning or whenever she defecates. she has a large thrive dome with a 150w heat bulb in it and a long arcadia uvb 12% tub over the screen top. gargeer is a replacement for actual insects because she doesn’t eat on her own. its basically soilder fly larvae mixed with other important things they need. but yeah she gets fed regularly, shes about seven months old so we feed her three times a day and that seems to be working. oh shes also on paper towel so no way of impaction with that .. im sorry if theres typos writing this @ 2:00am.

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How bloated is she, do you have pictures of her?
If she is going to the bathroom pretty regularly then she shouldn't be impacted but she could
possibly be partially blocked up, but not sure. You can continue with the pumpkin & olive oil but
don't overdo it with the amount.
The Arcadia D3 12% tubes are very good. Since it is on top of the screen, what is the distance
of the light, to her?
Can you show a picture of the gargeer food/supplement for the insect gutload so I can see it? I
need to see the ingredients on the label, if possible, thanks.
What insects & greens is she eating?
A lot of times, doing several medication rounds in a row can really wipe out their tummies & affect
their gut flora leading to poor digestion for awhile. Have you tried probiotics for her?

Let us know how she is doing.

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