Prolapsed Beardie! Vet Couldnt help


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I need some advice for my beardie. He prolapsed Friday night and i could not find a vet over the weekend in my area who could help. Monday morning i called the vet but they couldnt see him until the following day. (Ive been doing sugar baths and sugar paste in the meantime). When i took him in she tried to put the prolapse back in but was unsuccessful. It was already showing signs of being necrotic. She told me he would need surgery or to euthanize him.. :( I dont have money for either and i am so desperate to help this little guy. ANY advice is appreciated. I know he is in pain and I just want to try and make him as comfortable as possible.


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I don't have any experience with a prolapse but if it's already turning necrotic and a vet couldn't help I don't know what else could be done unless you find another vet. I've heard you could use raw unpasteurized honey on it but again if it's already turning necrotic I don't know how much anything can help it at this point unless you find a vet who's willing to help. Is there any way that you can borrow money or I'm not sure if Care credit works in this situation but I would look around for anything that could help bring him to a vet so he can get the surgery that he needs.

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Is it a hemi -pene or a full rectal prolapse ? If the vet can't do it you'll either have to do it yourself or find another vet or sadly, put him to sleep. Please post pics of it.

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Oh dear, I am so sorry, how is your dragon doing today? Have you been able to get the area back
in at all? As suggested, raw unpasteurized honey or ky jelly works, too. If it is necrotic or appearing to
be necrotic, it is imperative to get some type of care if at all possible. He wont make it otherwise.

Let us know how he is doing.

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