baby not eating

  1. Babybeardie2022

    Baby beardie questions

    Hello everyone Me and my boyfriend just got our first baby bearded dragon about 3 days ago! So we have some questions I’ve called petco and PetSmart so many times to ask questions but I’m still freaking out wanting to know more We haven’t picked a name yet we still do not know the gender his...
  2. H

    Baby Beardie Barely Eating

    Hi everyone! I got my first baby bearded dragon 4 days ago, and she has barely eaten. Within the first 24 hours, she ate maybe 5 crickets. She became really lethargic after 24 hours. I noticed her temps were off, so I got a better basking light, and her temps are good now. 95-105 in the hot...
  3. RuthlessPumpkin

    Axew is home

    Hello, I am a new baby beardie owner. We brought Axew home on Sept 15th and have spent the last few days adjusting to having a new beardie. Axew appears to be a citrus leatherback, but we chose this one because my daughter liked it. Axew came in a 10 gal tank and it maybe 6 or 7 inches. I know...
  4. L

    Baby Beardie Still Not Eating- Please Help!

    Apologies in advance for the lengthy post—I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and can advise me on what to do. We've had our baby Brea for a little over three weeks. I've posted pictures of her enclosure below; specs are included in my profile but the basics are as follows: Zoo...
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