• Happy "Appreciate a Dragon Day" everyone!
    Yes, apparently, that's actually a thing every January 16th! Granted, I think they meant it more for mythical winged creatures... but I'm happy to co-opt it a little!

baby bearded dragon

  1. Shojo

    Baby beardie shedding

    Hello, I am new beardie owner and my baby has gone from eating 25+ bugs a day to 10-15. He’s started shedding a bit of peeling on his eyes and head. I read it’s not great to handle him while he’s shedding but I think a bath would help him. What’s the best way help and care while he sheds? He...
  2. K

    UVB lighting advice

    I just mounted my reptisun 10.0 HO bulb inside my tank due to worries My baby beardie wasn’t getting enough uvb through the mesh. I have a sunblaster t5 reflector and now Im thinking it’s going to be too close as it’s only about 7 inches away from the basking spot. My issue is if I lower the...
  3. K.E.W.T

    Hello! What colour is my beardie!

    Hello! I’m new here and this is my first bearded dragon! I have already been on the site and have done research for lights, temps everything! My question is what colour is my baby?? the store had them labeled as “fancy” bearded dragon so it doesn’t really tell me what colour they would be! Lol...
  4. K.E.W.T


    Hey guys! So this morning I just got a bearded dragon baby! They (not sure if boy or girl) are eating well! Even ate some kale! I just want to make sure they look healthy as they seem a bit on the skinny side! Is this just a baby thing? Also how old would you say they are?
  5. Metalverine

    Is he okay??

    My little baby beardie fell a 5 foot drop and I am not sure if he is alright. And when he fell, his belly was flat on the ground. I am afraid that he might have broke something. The surface he fell on seems to be made of the same material as a wooden door with a hollow inside. This is what he...
  6. J

    baby Beardie barely eating, very tired

    I got a baby bearded dragon from PetCo of all places and when I first looked at him he looked tired but it was 8pm at the moment so I thought nothing of it, Initially he had gone without a UVB bulb for a day because i was waiting for it to arrive so he had his basking light. He had only ate 3...
  7. kayla55


    I am just wondering if this means my bearded dragon is going to shed! When I got her, her tail and legs looked a little dull and now they are almost white in colour! She’s still seems very healthy! Eating lots, active! I attached pictures to show! Also if this is her shedding, when would I have...
  8. kayla55

    Hello! Question about colour and morphs

    I am a first time bearded dragon owner and I have a question about my beardie! I'm pretty sure she's a girl as I used the flashlight method to try and determine if she was a boy or girl. Now my question is regarding her morph and colour and pattern. I got her from petsmart and the tag says...
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