baby bearded dragon

  1. J

    baby Beardie barely eating, very tired

    I got a baby bearded dragon from PetCo of all places and when I first looked at him he looked tired but it was 8pm at the moment so I thought nothing of it, Initially he had gone without a UVB bulb for a day because i was waiting for it to arrive so he had his basking light. He had only ate 3...
  2. kayla55


    I am just wondering if this means my bearded dragon is going to shed! When I got her, her tail and legs looked a little dull and now they are almost white in colour! She’s still seems very healthy! Eating lots, active! I attached pictures to show! Also if this is her shedding, when would I have...
  3. kayla55

    Hello! Question about colour and morphs

    I am a first time bearded dragon owner and I have a question about my beardie! I'm pretty sure she's a girl as I used the flashlight method to try and determine if she was a boy or girl. Now my question is regarding her morph and colour and pattern. I got her from petsmart and the tag says...
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