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    Odd looking scale

    I just noticed early today that one of the scales right under Phoenix's mouth looks strange. I tried lightly wiping it and nothing came off, but he also didn't mind so I don't think it hurts him. Is this just something stuck onto his chin that needs A bit more washing or should I see a vet?
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    hey guys. sorrys is been sooooooooooooo long. iv been really busy latly. Phoenix is (im sososososo happy to say this you cant even imagine) getting better! he has pooped almost every day for the past like week(missed like one day but not to bad) and is starting to eat greens/veggies! he is...
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    okay guys. SO sorry i havent posted in forever!!!! its been exams and stuff with school and trying to get a part time job and BLAHHHH. no time. well anyways. i did get phoenix into the vet like i said. she said he was it pretty much perfect health. but SLIGHTLY dehydrated so increase baths from...
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    Possible Slight Impaction?

    he is getting to that age when they START to slow down. he might only poop every other day. does he eat veggies too? likr normaly Phoenic poops every other day to every 3 days. now he barly poops or eats because of a combo of brumation and pinworms(dont worry, he is being treated and after 2...
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    Need opinions regarding treats

    for "treat" food i dont have a set time to feed them. supers are really "treats" as they could be used for a staple. but since i feed crix i sometimes just buy like 50 supers and thats what he gets for that day. waxworms i buy les often. but ill buy say 50. and give him like 5 every day while...
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    Hey guys. I am getting into the vet soon I think on the 20 th. but, I think it is brumating for sure now because he crawled into his hide on the cool side on his own. He has been in there since around 6. A few questions since this is his first time brumating. 1) should I feed him? How much...
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    Quick Question!

    Hmm. I wouldn't think so cuz people put paper or backgrounds outside to save the same purpose. But okay;)
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    How's my setup?

    that is just a general statement. i keep one of my basking spots at 110-115. Phoenix doesnt midn. he likes it hot. he has a second cooler basking spot too. around 94-97. and then the cool side. so he wont over heat. if they get hot they just move. my vet also says that it is fine. and i trust...
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    Quick Question!

    yeah thats fine. if you put it outside though you wont have to worry about replacing it. :)
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    okay thanks! so since he is in a semi brumation like state, should i feed him? bathe him? the only time he will poop currently is in a bath so it will be hard to get a fecal test. but i was planning on trying. ill also ask my vet to amke sure that its just a semi brumations state and not an...
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    i beleive from the little iv heard that rocket is some kind of green like collards ect. but just another flavor/smell that some like more that others. i just tryed parsly and phoenix didnt look anymore interested than before. ill be sure to try mint too. along with rocket if i can get it. new...
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    I've heard a little about rocket. But not much. I've never seen it. I'll ask my mom about it when she gets home. Where do you buy it?
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    STILL wont eat veggies!!?? HELP!

    iv tried that with things like slices or carrot, bell peppper, and apple. and it doesnt work with him. lol. ill let you guys know what the vet says when i get him in
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