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    Swollen arm, Puffy eyes, Crusty mouth. Help!!

    I agree, the legs/feet and the eyes are most likely swollen because she's getting ready to shed them, so no worries there I don't think, however it's always a good idea to take a good long look at them and compare them to the other legs/feet, so as AHBD asked, posting some photos of her other...
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    Disturbing last few days

    Any update on how your Dragon is doing? I forgot to add something about the Coil UVB light that I think is important to note, because unless you're an avid poster on a forum like this and you see this all the time, you'd have no idea that the issue exists until your own Dragon starts exhibiting...
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    Juvenile attacked on head, barely alive

    I was thinking about this little guy too, what a horrible accident and situation for all involved to have to go through. I know this one is a long=shot, but I'm hoping that somehow the little guy pulls-through...
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    Juvenile attacked on head, barely alive

    I'm very sorry this happened, what a horrible thing for you to go through. It was an accident, please don't beat yourself up... I just wanted to mention to you, please whatever you decide to do, do NOT PUT HIM IN THE FREEZER/FRIDGE. I saw that you were thinking about doing that and while...
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    Disturbing last few days

    Hi, I'll try to be as direct as possible with you in a constructive way here, as I think your issues are very easily fixed, but you must fix them ASAP, because at your Dragon's age he needs to be getting 13-14 hours every single day of strong, adequate UVB light and eating a ton of live...
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    Burnt keratin?

    I actually have a friend who did the exact same thing and then freaked out and called me over to his apartment because he was sure he was going to get an infection. His adult Dragon was shedding his entire head/face/beard/neck, and pretty much all of the shed had already come off except for the...
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    What is this?

    Oh, I got ya...No, that's not at all "Mouth Rot"; Mouth Rot is an infection that can be on the outside of their mouth/lip but is typically also inside their mouths, and it's an infections that keeps aggressively spreading, killing all of the healthy tissue along it's way, and that is indicated...
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    Soaking help?

    I totally apologize if that's the way my writing came off, it's not at all meant to be "aggressive", but rather very direct and to the point. I asked direct questions about your husbandry and gave you explanations as to why if these things were not correct they could cause the symptoms/signs...
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    I think my beardie is pregnant, not sure.

    Try doing the photos this way: Click on "User Image Uploader" in the Taskbar at the top of the page, and this will allow you to select and upload each individual photo to your account, one by one. Then after you get all of the photos you want to post uploaded to your account, then click to "Post...
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    Unformed poop

    Just having "unformed" bowel movements is not really an indication of anything in particular, that can happen due to a dozen different reasons, as Cooper listed, in addition it could be simply due to him being well-hydrated. And if the poop has now normalized then it's most likely nothing at...
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    Soaking help?

    Ha Ha, i just read your comment again, "It behooves you to be more accurate" since I'm making a claim based on physiology...Yeah, you're 100% correct, you'd certainly think so, wouldn't you? Not my experience at all...It's ironic, isn't it? I did exactly what you scolded me for about a year ago...
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    Soaking help?

    With all due respect Taterbug, you know exactly what I meant by this statement, yes it was a general statement because most people don't have a background in physiology...I mean really, do you want me to type out how their entire Renal System works in relation to absorbing oral hydration from...
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    Help please.

    It's definitely suspect, but not necessarily "Tail Rot" as AHBD already mentioned. You didn't "expose her Tail Rot" when you pulled off the shed, as Tail Rot is a term describing a spreading infection up the tail towards the body, that kills all of the tissue along it's path. The very end of his...
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    What is this?

    What exactly are you referring to? I'm sorry, I don't see anything at all wrong, so I'm not sure what it is that you're worried about...I initially thought you were talking about the little bit of discoloration towards the back of his lip on the side of his head, but I don't see a "bump".
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