Why does Lucy seem so depressed?

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My 5 year old bearded dragon has been acting awful strange the past couple months. She's seemed "depressed" and hasn't liked to be held lately. She puffs up and turns her beard black and sometimes opens her mouth when I let her inside her pen then I usually leave her be. She went into brumation early and for a really long time (not eating, sleeping a lot). She's been eating again for the past month but she hasn't really gained all back her weight from brumation yet. I've been feeding her crickets and "super worms" more frequently and her daily salad is kale (the only green she seems to really devour) and varied organic baby food (she's picky with veggies and accustomed to stuff out of the garden). Her UV light is the one recomended most on this site and I use a ceramic heat emitter also. Any ideas on why she isn't so responsive and bubbly?


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Hi. Do you have a bright white basking light? Do you know what the temps are? How do you take them? I'd mix the kale with some other greens as kale does bind calcium. Has she lost alot of weight? Has she ever had a fecal done? When was the last time you changed the uvb? What kind is it?
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