who knows where to buy tracks for sliding glass doors?

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so im looking at maybe changing the doors on my vivs to sliding glass. i went to home depot and lowes and every where else i could think of and when ever i ask the people there about the little tracks that the glass slides in(u know the track that looks like a little upper case E) THEY DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! :banghead: what are those tracks called and where can i find them? i know they are just like what you see on the back of jewelry display cases at the mall.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


i'll see if i can find you a link i'll edit when i find it.
edit: cant seem to find it but they are called Stanley 6' Sliding Panel Track.... got it from the crossfire enclosure building guide it seems to be kept around the slidding door stuff at both home depot and lowes the guy that did the guide said they are very hard to find so you might not find them at home depot or lowes and might have to get them online *sigh*
http://www.freewebs.com/crossfireenclosures/ CROSSFIRE BUILD GUIDE
http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=2275&utm_source=nextag&utm_medium=se&utm_campaign=2008 ...... only place it seems i can find tracks


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thanks! : ) ill keep looking! im sure they have them somewhere! i just didnt know what they where actually called so i couldnt explain them very well...thanks for the help.


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thanks :D im gonna try and find some locally today after work but if i can i will deff end up ordering them online.


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I can now officially say that the "Woodworkers Hardware" tracks (that I linked above) are AWESOME!

They're kind of a maple color and came in ONE DAY! (granted I live in the same state as them but still... that's fast)

I'll take pictures tonight and post so people can see an example.
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