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Hey i'm thinking about mateing two BD's, I Keep the male and Female in seperate vivs. I'm not sure weather to put the male in with the female viv or the female in the male viv as i don't want them to stress too much. which would be there least stressful to do. thank you


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Think it through Properly, breeding them costs alot of money, you need an incubater, and lots and lots of crickets to feed the babies,


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ill anser your question, i would think to put the male in with the female because less relocaton stress on her


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I agree with Livey, there are so many people that get into the hobby thinking to make a quick buck but fail to understand how costly it can really be and due to the fact there are so many people into the hobby itself making back your profit can be very hard and sometime impossible. Remember when you decide to do this you are bring new lives into the world, not just money makers. These are living creatures who you have to make sure you give the best possible shot at life. To produce them only to not know what you are doing, and to have little understand of the proper way to house and rehome these animals is a terrible mistake. If you are serious about breeding you should ask the breeders on this site, double check the health of your animals (Breeding can take great tolls on both animals, the female especially) and make sure you have the proper tools and abilities to care for the babies and keep your own animals healthy.


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its true but guys really i think u r trying to discourage him like alot of people so they can make more money off there breeding because the less supplie the better the money so understand but dont be discoureged


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Actually I don't breed, and I never want to. All i'm saying is it is a very costly and time consuming process that should not be taken lightly. I'm simply warning him that its not as easy as he might think. I don't want to see the pet stores getting supplied with new babies that they can maim and neglect. People jump into this without knowing the costs or tolls it takes on them and their animals and if anyone is even considering breeding the future of both their animals and the babies should be at the forefront of their mind.

There has been an explosion of breeders who are doing it because of profit, doing it without the proper education, and the babies end up at shelters or pet stores because there are to many breeders and not enough buyers.

If you truly care for and love the animals you should make sure you know exactly what you are doing and be prepared for every possibility. Breeding without knowing what you are doing is as bad as bring a baby into the world when you are living out of your car. Stupid mistakes and stupid decisions shouldn't be made at the cost or risk of a life.

All i'm saying is make sure you've looked into everything before you make this decision as it is a big one and effects you and your animals.


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Clearly these people are breeders out to grab money and not people who care about the lives of animals, nailed that one on the head. He's right though they are trying to discourage you because its a big responsibility and one frankly that I don't think you are ready for. Breeding is extremely costly and these aren't just goddamn experiments you can toss away if it doesn't work out or if you can't support them.

And by the looks of it you've had them for about two weeks..
More experience required. Without a doubt.


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You really need to read that thread.
Taken from the fourth page :
"Ive done a couple posts about the cost of breeding. It isnt cheap.
Lets stay with the 1 time breeding 1 pair.
Lets keep the number simple. Your girl laid 5 clutches of 20 eggs. 100 babys.
Now this is what I use from start to finnish for this 1 breeding.
3 incubators. 40 to 50 per.
I have 30 bins set up in racks with thier own lighting per bin. 320 dollars to buy just the lights. 300 for bulbs. 100 worth of lumber and materials.120 for just bins.
We are up to $960 just for incubation and holding babys. now to do this right you need to keep each baby till about 6 weeks old.
So it may be possible you have all 100 babys eating at 1 time. Thats about 12 to 15 thousand crickets per week. Plus greens.
Now lets look at the husbandry side. What happens when you have sick babys? And you will. Do you have vet funds? Are you capable of putting a baby down if needed?
This is just the tip of the iceburg, and others can feel free to chime in.
Im not saying you cant make money doing this, but ive been at it awhile now and I dont always turn a profit. Some years its a blessing to break even.

Can you even begin to afford that. At nineteen I would like to know what kind of job you have that can support 15 thousand crickets a week.
Also since it hasn't been asked yet, how old are you dragons?


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it is very true the price but i know you wont break even first time around you will lose money but if you have the stuff and r in it for the right reason then go on and do it dont be discouraged and dont breed until a year a least and that might even be less


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i have seen females breed at a year and they were fine so i know from experience but if you say 2 years thats fine with me


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Even still, his BD is 4 months old and he has had them about two weeks, you can lay off the heroic defense to take a look at the facts and realize this is a bad idea. He is young, he has less then a month's worth of caring for the animal he plans on breeding, raising and supporting, I don't particularity understand why you are so quick to defend/support this idea.


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i am aware of the financial implications, its kool but thanks i just wanted to know what other people thought i should do about moving them into eachothers homes, as i am very aware that males are or can be very terrortorial. but the female could get stressed with him entering her home and being agressive, so i may just transfer them to a different viv altogether and let them mate they, but i would apreiciate if people would answer the question i ask, not find somthing to complain about. if i couldn't afford to do it i wouldn't also i have already got what i need and enought of it i just thought i'd get oppinions thank you :D


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I would think that introducing them outside of the viv would be a good idea. Take a couple of weeks to let them get to know each other where ever you let them out to get exercise. If that is your living room get some one to be there with you to watch one beardie while you watch the other. That way if it looks like one is going to attack you can pick them up and separate them. That way you are not dropping one into the others home. Also it gives you a way to gage if the male is going to seriously hurt her. Good luck with it though.
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