What do you use to disinfect?

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I made the change over to tile last night (was using repti-carpet) and I need to know what you guys use to disinfect things. The last thing I want is to kill my beardie because I unknowingly used harmful toxins to clean his cage.


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disinfect the tile?
maybe this is a dumb question... but why disinfect the tile? unless there is something wrong with ur beardie?

i just scrub the tiles off in lukewarm water every week.

if there is something wrong, like a parasite or for watever reason, i use a bleach solution diluted in water. the only thing is watever i disinfect that way i let dry out completely for at least four days.

hope that answered ur question. :D


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I use chlorhexadine (i.e. brand Nolvasan) solution and dilute it to a 2% concentration. It is used as a surgical disinfectant and is very safe at that strength. You can buy it online easily and the generic is a lot less expensive than the brand. It is important to order chlorhexadine "solution" and not the "scrub." I would caution against using bleach on anything that you plan on using again right away in the viv: it can take a long time for those fumes to dissipate.
I use antibacterial dish soap diluted with water...I have a scrub brush handy with it and simply paper towel up the 'poo' and spray the tile with the diluted soap and give it a couple of scrubs...wipe up the area and I'm done. The whole process takes about 3 minutes and the tiles clean...I have a tote handy for the times that the 'poo' ends up on a rock.
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