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Commodus's new enclosure ! He is a big climber and I've never seen him so happy, he's climbing non stop!

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That looks great, Commodus will get a lot of exercise in that jungle gym ! I use a lot of natural wood as well. What type of uvb do you have ?

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After 14 years of accumulation of Viv pics, I'm locking this thread.... in favor of directing people to the new "Enclosure Pics" media gallery category. Same idea, but instead of shoe-horning the idea of sharing Viv/Enclosure pics into a discussion forum thread, the media gallery category allows for you all to upload your pics, and get individual comments on them, as well as being able to give star ratings! Still all collected together in one place. :)

If for some reason you can't upload there, send me a Conversation to let me know.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the Viv pics. I'll be setting a "Watch" on the category, so I can get the little alerts on the upper right when new pictures show up. :)
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