Unknown problem, and aggression after vet

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Good job getting the pics up ! That's just uneven shed....not a skin problem. Beardies will have the strangest sheds as the get older. Sometimes half their back, sometimes half the face, one leg, one foot, half the tail....it's all normal. His size looks good as well [ body weight ] but a full body pic from above can show his condition better. Try not to worry, he is just going through a phase :) ....not eating for a little while is not unusual.


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AHBD, you always have such rational insight.
Seeing those pictures the antibiotics and suggestion to force feed sounds really over reactive. :/ that vet must not treat reptiles often if at all.


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Thank you so much! Really relieved some stress. Haha you really helped out. He is slowly but surely mellowing down too


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That would be a shed phase going on.
I am sorry the vet manhandled him so badly. I hope he didn't injure him though, do you think she did?
I don't think he needs the medication though, if no infections were found, etc. A fecal was not done either?

He may be brumating somewhat if he is not eating a lot. Or shedding can also slow down their appetites, too.
Is he maintaining his weight or losing weight?
Blood work would be a good idea as well just to get an idea where his baseline levels are.

Let us know how he is doing. I hope his aggression gets better.

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