Unhappy Bath-Time!

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Dexter will only ever drink from her bath, so she gets a daily dip followed by a beardie towel burrito (when her majesty allows it!)

She made me fall about laughing today.

I bathe her in a large casserole dish, she usually sits suspiciously eyeing the water for a while then goes in for a long long drink.
Today as she was raising her head from the water bowl she slipped (missing front claw so shes a clumsy monster) creating a big wave in the dish.
When the wave came back it splashed her nose and she FREAKED out. She had the expression of "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? DUDE THE WATER FRICKIN MOVED!!!!!" and tried to scrabble backwards out of the bowl. Then splashing herself again.

Giggling madly I got her out and put her on her towel. She took one look at me and puffed her beard (her first ever beard puff at me!!!) looked at me with distain and slowly climbed back into her tank.

5 minutes later she let me know that she was still unimpressed with me by climbing onto her basking rock and launching herself onto her hide (its made out of flexi plant branches). Crushing it.
She then sat there with a huge air of smugness!
She is such a minx!!!

Dw. She seems to have forgiven me now. The royal beardie allowed me to handfeed her some treats later!



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Haha that made me laugh... my family think iv gone insane, sitting here laughing at the computer screen!!!! Poor thing - that evil nasty water!!!!


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that was SO funny! :lol: :lol: although im sure seeing it in person would've been WAY funnier!!! (i hope thats a word, i think :| )


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Reminds me of the beardie i was taking care of for awhile. (she had an amputation and had burns on her belly) I had to give her baths every day to help the leg and her belly heal and shed. It was almost a daily occurence when she would drink out of it but sometimes dip her head jjust a little too deep and would flip out and shake her head around when she accidently inhaled it haha.

Ahhh, i miss Loki bear. but she has a good home now :)
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