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I thought I would start a thread so I can continue to update on my beardie Evelyn Rose, she also goes by Evie :) I purchased her from a pet store on Sept 11th this year, and as soon as I saw her I fell in love. I had been doing research and studying about bearded dragons, but I waited to take the plunge of purchasing my first one. But as soon as I did my life has changed. She is my first pet that is all mine, and I can tell after being a member on here that everyone is obsessed with their beardie as much as I am with my own. :love10:

Evie and I unfortunately went through a really ruff time....some of you may have read my thread asking for help about a month ago. One Saturday I was hand feeding her some meal worms, and one seemed to give her some trouble getting it down. She continued to eat, but I kept watching her to make sure she was okay. Then I put her in her home and continued on my day, but still watching her. Her home is right in my bedroom and I'm always watching and talking to her. I then noticed that her toes and legs were starting to twitch. I remember reading about all the things that could cause that, and I immediately called the er vet and took her in. By the time I got her there (about 10 mins later) she was going into full out seizures and becoming temporarily paralyzed. We figured out that she was suffering from MBD. I felt horrible and I had no idea that she had it. :( The vet said that it is hard to tell when that is happening because we don't realize they aren't getting the UVB rays because we see the light and think it is fine. The vet gave me calcium gluconate to give her by mouth every morning. I did this with the help of my mom for about 2 weeks, and after about 4 days she began to eat some meal worms cut in half and baby food. It was so hard to not get her out of her home and hold her, but I didn't want to stress her or take any chances for her breaking a bone. But after about a week, she started to get her energy back and started to get a little bit more spunky. :-D

Currently, she is back to her normal self, maybe even better than before! She has put on some weight and is starting to really fill out. I'm excited to see how big she will be when she is full grown. Thanks to this website and the many wonderful people who have commented on my posts.... I was able to nurse Evie back to health and change her home around so she is receiving the perfect care she deserves. I know I will continue to check this site daily to help me in the future, and hopefully will be able to assist others with their little ones!

Oh, Evie has had 2 sheds since I got her, but I'm not sure how old she is. Like I said I got her on Sept 11th, and she was around 4 inches long or so then. Now she is at about 6 to 6.5 inches and has a thicker belly. Her tail is nipped short, a brother or sister did that before I got her, but it is completely healed up and it doesn't bother her at all. I tell everyone that she had a crazy night out with her ladies and woke up the next morning with a bit of her tail gone :wink: I was wondering if anyone could guess on her age and her bred. After each shed she just glows orange. If I knew how to bred I feel like she would make beautiful babies, but I think I'm going to put that off for some years lol

So here are some photos of her from the beginning to just a few days ago, Enjoy!


First day I brought her home! (the sand is gone and she has reptile carpet now)


Showing her stuff...


So little!


First bath


Getting warm and dry in her towel


Getting some love from her grandma (GiGi)...She wanted to send out birth announcements!


One of her favorite spots, hanging out in my scarf


Meeting her "Uncle Gus"


Her first shed


Good thing she doesn't mind up close photos :)


Growing so big!


Basking and starting her 2nd shed


My little beardie....also know as my little lion :)


Gigi helping Evie in the bath for her 2nd shed


I love her long fingers!


Another spot she loves, mama's neck


Growing more and more (this was not long after her 2nd shed so her colors are pretty vivid)


Eating her salad in her new set up


Just a normal pose for her to eat :D


I'm working on trying to get her to eat her salads....this is mustard greens with carrots and a few meal worms. I'm hope she will go for the meal worms and get some greens in the same bite and then fall in love with them. I want her to get in her veggies, but she just isn't crazy about them. She does love her crickets and meal worms!

I'll update soon! My goal over the next few months is work on a bed for her and to be able to dress her up for some cute photos :)


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She is quite a lovely little girl! I especially love her eating her Salad, Bindy does much the same sometimes!

That's awesome your mom loves her too! I was unsure at first, with my mom, but she is in love with Bindy now! She loves coming over and holding her. She talks all crazy baby talk to her, and gets such a kick out of her running around on the floor! Glad your moms loving Evie too! :D
Yeah, my mom likes lizards too. She always caught anoles growing up and absolutely loves Oscar! Beardies have such great personalities, its hard not to like them!! Evie is very beautiful! Her colors are awesome! :)

-Emzers & Oscar :D


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So the past couple of days Evie and I have hit a milestone. She is actually running down from her basking spot to eat her salads. Today I was going to pick her up and bring her out to run around and eat outside of her viv and she went after my pinky finger. I think she was pretty hungry (it was right after I got up and I noticed she had just done a pretty big poo, so her tummy had to have been empty)....but she actually went running for my finger like it was the world's best cricket. She realized pretty quickly that mama's finger isn't food and then crawled onto my hand to be lifted out of her home. She then ate collard greens and some squash baby food. I give her fresh greens a few times a day, it seems like she is snacking throughout the day nonstop, but do you leave some in at night time too? She has gotten into a routine to go to bed before her night light comes on or right around the same time, and I don't think she moves until morning. I don't want the veggies to just sit there wasted...but I don't want her to ever be hungry. Any suggestions? Also how often do you feel your beardie crickets/meal worms....etc. We have only had those two, but I've read about silkworms and other worms. Should I change from crickets and meal worms to something else? She doesn't get meal worms very often because of the high fat, but she loves them when she has them.

I'm hoping to take some new photos on Saturday and post them soon. Have a good night everyone! :p
I'm not so sure about leaving salad out overnight, but i can tell you about the crickets. You need to feed around 5 crickets a day and 2-3 mealworms twice a week. That's what i do and it seems to work well. If you wanted a different meat, roaches are a good choice, but they have a good amount of fat. I would stick with crickets. Be careful about the mealworms, you might want to smash their heads before you feed them to Evie because they have been known to eat through beardie's stomachs. I learned this the hard way... Anyways, glad i could help :mrgreen:

-Emzers & Oscar :D


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I'd be careful with mealworms, they have been known to cause impaction. They have a shell that contains chitin which isn't good for beardies. I feed Draco about a dozen crickets at night (he's just over a year), 1 or 2 waxworms a night, and hornworms and a silkworm as a treat. He gets his salad in the morning otherwise he wouldn't eat it holding out for the crickets. :roll: Evie should be eating more than 5 crickets a day. Feed her as many as she will eat in 10 - 15 minutes. That can be up to 20 to 30 crickets or more a day spaced over 3 feedings. You can also feed them superworms after they are 16 inches. Not before because they have a kink in the digestive system which straightens out at 16 inches. Before that they can cause impaction.Some of the ppl here switch to supers from crickets when their beardies reach 16 inches. I am hoping to do that but I have 1 more inch to go with Draco. :roll: Dubia roaches are also an alternitive to crickets. I can't get them here in Canada cause they're illegal. I don't know if I could handle that anyways. I HATE roaches!!!!! :mrgreen: I take his salad out when I feed him his crickets. I don't leave it overnight. Hope this helps.


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1 or 2 waxworms a night, and hornworms and a silkworm as a treat

Thanks for the advice! So as many crickets as she can eat in 10-15 minutes, and then a few waxworms every night too instead of mealworms? Can I get all of these worms at the pet store?


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alcolton":22xddra2 said:
1 or 2 waxworms a night, and hornworms and a silkworm as a treat

Thanks for the advice! So as many crickets as she can eat in 10-15 minutes, and then a few waxworms every night too instead of mealworms? Can I get all of these worms at the pet store?
I'd start her on one small waxworm and see how she handles it. I give maybe one small hornworm or silkworm as a treat maybe every week or two. They are like beardie candy. :D I personally wouldn't give mealworms at all but that's me. I only buy mealies for my gecko. Just start out introducing the wax/horn/silk worms very slowly as she is still a baby. You don't want to upset her system. :mrgreen: A baby beardies diet is 80% protien (crickets) and 20% vegetable (salad).
After a year and a half old it changes to 20% protien and 80% vegetable. - this is a good site for what to feed and not feed your beardie. It sure helped me with Draco when I got him.
I didn't say before but Evie is a really cute little girl. Just love the pictures. Please post more as she grows. :blob5: :blob8:


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Hello all! Evie has been running around like crazy the past few days and eating a ton of food. She is growing like a weed! :D I took some more photos, but I don't have time before work to upload them, but I thought I would add a quick one right now. She loves to get out of her home and hang out with me...although she is starting to get more curious about running around in my room. I have read some posts about people losing their beardies in there home, and I don't want that to happen so I am nervous about letting her loose on her own. Maybe I could get a ribbon to tie around her so I can't lose her :p

Anyways, here she is just hanging out with me while I type this up!

Have a good night everyone and I'll post more later!


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Evie has been doing great! :D :D One of my guy friends came over after drill on Sunday and wanted to see my little miss, so here are a few photos of her showing some pride for our nation!



Just hanging out...she does this all the time!

And then he wanted to see her eat up her crickets and dinner, so here is a photo of her after she ate a ton of food! Little Buddha belly!! I dusted her crickets and in the process of me dropping the crickets into her home, Evie went wild for them and tried to jump in the bag! I feed her all the time, and she just can't get enough food (salad and all!)

Have a good day everyone!


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My little one is going to be shedding soon I think! On Thanksgiving she had a bath and here are a few photos from then! She also then pigged out like the rest of us....only on crickets and greens :)




Anyone dress up their beardie as a turkey? ;)


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Here's who I hung out with yesterday!


Full belly! This little girl is growing so fast!


Hanging out while I'm getting ready


A photo I took of her........then......


She noticed the camera and decided to show off!

Silly beardies :D

Have a great night everyone!
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