Stubborn Dragon Won't Eat Pellets

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Around here, all the dandelions bloom at once, usually in late May, and we see whole lawns full of those beautiful yellow flowers everywhere. (I'm sorry, I don't think of them as "weeds".) :mrgreen:

We live in what I like to call a "pleasantly shabby" little neighborhood, and I guess we're lucky that most of our nearest neighbors aren't too picky about weeds, so as far as I know, no one nearby is using huge amounts of toxic stuff in their yards -- at least, I like to hope not.

I plan to try "Repashy Grub Pie" with our beardie -- heard some good things about it and got some on order. I'm trying to find something with a longer shelf life that I can keep around just in case we ever get into a situation where we can't get live bugs and/or fresh greens for a while, so he won't have to go hungry, since we can't convince him that the dry kibbles are supposed to be food. :roll:

I've got a packet of Wombaroo Reptile Supplement in the pantry for emergencies that I bought about 4 years ago and have never opened.

And 1L bottle of VetaFarm Lizard Pellets
that I was using a little at a time mixed with Repcal Juvenile Beardie Pellets , softened by soaking in an equal volume of water and then mixed in with the grated carrot, sweet potato chopped pees and beans an buk choi for the skinks (Wriggle, George and Mildred and for Puff and Rex when they were little). I can tell you the wild skinks outside made quick work of the day or 2 old leftovers of mix that was not eaten by the pets. A hit with the wild skinks, not so much with the pets though.
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Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u
Im needing some questions answered about my female beardeddragon, I honestly have no idea on age , she was a recuse, as ive had a couple in my life an have experience. So 9 weeks in , she earing well pooping well getting comfortable, then approx 3-4 days ago the digging started. So I got a dig box set up in her 75 g tank. Well within 2 hours she dropped an egg. Now only one egg an its been 10 hours.shouldiBworried
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I just set Swordtail's timer for his bath and paused it so I could actually fill his soaking bowl up and he crawled over my phone and canceled the timer 🤣
Mirage came out of brumation on April 26. He was doing great. On May 2 he started acting funny. We just redid his tank, and he keeps going into one of his hides. He just lays there. He shows no intrest in food. HELP!

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