Sleeping while sitting under lights and weird/uncomfortable positions??


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Hey guys my 2 girls have been a bit sluggish at times the last week or so sometimes they will want out and then cuddle with me and sleep.

My 2 girls have been basking awhile today but I just looked and both Amber and Chubbs are sleeping (eyes closed) under their UVB lights is this normal?

Whenever I find them sleeping when it's spring or later especially in weird positions during the day freaks me out and concerns me.

It's bedtime and lights out in a hour (8PM is their bedtime) could this be playing a role in them getting sleepy?

Note: Amber had almost 130 eggs last year so I am also wondering if she could be sluggish as a indicator of her having/producing eggs again?


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So have mine. The girl goes to the cool side and the boy will stay close to the basking light and even sleep while his mouth is gaping 🙈

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So have mine. The girl goes to the cool side and the boy will stay close to the basking light and even sleep while his mouth is gaping 🙈
Same with mine, the two girls hang out where it's cooler and Sinatra sets in the basking with his mouth slightly open.


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Ruby jumps all over the place- basking with mouth open, the middle of the cage then lands on the cool side.
Rocky- all about the cool side in the am, most of the day basking- or running around the room.

As far as eyes, they are too nosey to close them. The only way they close their eyes in the day is if I close my eyes. But then they open their eyes to make sure my eyes are closed.

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