Signs of Worms ???

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Could someone Please post for Us newbie's the signs of a Bearded Dragon Having worms ? Not that I am worried but I think as Newbie's this would be helpful to all.Yes and PLEASE IF YOU ARE WORRIED THAT YOUR BEARED DRAGON MAY HAVE WORMS PLEASE CALL YOUR VET FOR A FECAL TEST.Thank You :study: :study: :study:


I had a fecal test on my beardie about 2 weeks after I got her and it came back clear. So I wasn't worried. I started her on ReptiWorms and all was well. About 2 months later, I noticed her poo began to smell terrible. However, I attributed this to the combination of ReptiWorms, butterworms, and silkworms. Then she got diarrhea. So I took another fecal in and it was positive for an unknown type of worm ( all they saw were eggs). So she got .1ml of panacur 2 weeks ago and tomorrow she will have her last dose. The second day of treatment, the diarrhea stopped. My advice is if you aren't sure, have a fecal done. You might even need two done because my vet said she hadn't passed anything during the first one.
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