Sickness or brumation?


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Hi, I adopted a 5 year old beardie last week and I am very new into having a bearded dragon but it is bothering me that he doesn’t move much, doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to drink water or anything. He is sleeping most of the time, when we come in the room he opens his eyes and looks at us for a few minutes then he goes back to sleep. The first days I had him I could tell he was malnourished, his pelvic bones were protruding, his legs were very skinny, his color was a dull brown greyish yellow color haha if that’s a color. So I read online that he could have MBD, (he came with a heating lamp but no idea if they had him with a uvb lamp or not)so I got him a uvb lamp right away to prevent mbd from getting worse. Anyways since he was not eating I started giving him some repta-boost and some calcium with vitamin D3 and 1ml of water per day. His tail, color and legs look way better now but his head pads are still a little bit sunken. He takes the food but doesn’t love it, he moves a little when I am feeding him but also his head trembles a little bit when he tries to look up. He has pooped everyday except for the first day I got him, his poop has been different all those times. The first time I noticed his poop it was all white solid, the second time he pooped the white and green but the white had a very faint tinge of orange or yellow, the other poops have been kind of watery but there was green and white no more yellow or orange. I am not familiar with the smell of healthy poops are they supposed to smell a little or not have any smell at all?

My big question is how long does it take for them to recover from dehydration or mbd? And how to know the difference between MBD and brumation? Can he be affected by both at the same time?
I would love to take him to a vet but since we just passed the holiday season, I really can’t afford it right now. :(


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KarrieRee Sicko
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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
So Pancake is still recovering from what looks like mbd, he is moving very slow still but he is eating and pooping better than last week.

I still have another question, he started peeling some skin these last days, since I have no idea what they look when they shed their skin does this look normal to you guys? There is a patch in particular that when I touch he twitches a little bit as if it was tender to him. Is that normal when they are shedding? When I got him it looked like he had a little wound from previous shedding or some clawing himself with his back legs but now it has a small bump where the wound was, does the little bump look like scar tissue to you? The area circled is where whenever you touch he twitches as if it was tender.
Let's have ahbd look at it

Drache613 Sicko
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Those areas look a little dry perhaps, but doesn't look fungal or infected in any way. Did he just
shed recently, correct? Sometimes the scales may look a little off after shedding, for a few days
but should start to look normal soon. You can use some aloe vera gel to help moisturize the scales
if needed.
If the skin shed prematurely then that can cause some sensitivity there too.


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