Sick Juvie, First Time Owner, Possible MBD?

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Hi, about a month ago my mom took me to PetCo so I could get a bearded dragon. I had never raised a reptile before, so I had a lot of questions for the guy we bought him from. He told us what we needed, and we bought everything he gave us, and for about 3 weeks my little beardie was doing fine. About a week ago, he started to act really weird.

The first thing I noticed was that his back leg seemed to be shaking. I kept a close eye on him since then, and he became very lethargic. He slept all day, which he had never done before, he was very active and had a healthy appetite. After that, I picked him up and held him in my hands for a bit, and he started having seizures. That was approximately a week ago, and he had a couple seizures for that night but hasn't since then. I made an appointment with the vet, and took him in two days later. The vet ruled it as spinal trauma, though I really wasn't sure if he was right. He asked me if my beardie fell from anything really high or got caught somewhere, and I really can't think of any way that could have happened. I think he may have MBD. The guy who sold him to me only gave us a basking lamp initially and didn't tell us to dust his food with calcium, but the vet said this takes weeks to happen...

The vet gave us calcium medicine to syringe feed him twice daily, at first he would be too tired or lethargic to move while we did. It's been about 5 days since then and now he practically refuses to let us open his mouth. He puts up a big struggle, and he seems to have more energy.

He is:
Only a few inches long, not sure how old he is.
A darker brownish color, and he shed about three weeks ago.
I honestly don't know the gender, but I think it is male.

His symptoms:
He is very lethargic, some days he sleeps all day and some days he basks and looks very alert.
He hasn't eaten, I have tried many things. He ate two crickets one day but other than that, hasn't eaten at all. I even put applesauce on his nose and at first he licked it off, now he doesn't.
Was dragging his back legs for awhile but since I have been giving him medicine, he uses his legs to sort of crawl? He seems to have trouble walking but he is trying.
The less he ate, the runnier his stool became. It looks green and runny, and he has a bowel movement about once a day.

His living space:
Has a 10 gallon tank.
Substrate is Zilla Terrarium Liner.
Has a Zoo-Med 75W Full Spectrum Light, and a 15W ESU Reptile Desert 7% Fluorescent Lamp.
Water is available at all times, I change his food twice daily (usually endive, brocolli, and just bought juvie beardie pellets today, and bought calcium dust today.)
Has a little log with a tunnel underneath that he perches on most of the day.
I mist his terrarium occasionally, and I gave him a few baths about a week ago, but haven't since taking him to the vet.

Please help, I'm really worried about the little guy and I want him to pull through. :(


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Hi ,

I'm new to this site but I ran into the same situation your in now not that long ago. My girl was 5-6 months old, stopped eating, starting hide under basking log,slept all the time,and very lethargic. I though brumation, it wasnt, it was severe MBD and hypocalciuma(spelling), worst my vet had seen. She started dragging her back legs couldnt use them at all and her spine was "C" shaped,and the worst seizures (made me want to cry looked horrible was sooo scared for her). Took her to the vet, got calcium liquid like you have, also a detoxic flax seed oil to digest food. All I can say is DONT give up on him, took me 4 months of fighting my vet she wanted to put her down, and 4 months of hands on full time care. Force fed the calcium, baby food,pedelite, and flax seed oil for the 4 months, slowly got back all use of her legs and her spine even straightened out. Now she's 3 yrs old and had 23 healthy looking eggs last Thursday. Just make sure you keep your UVB lights up to date, and use calcium/multi vitamin powder when he started eating regular again. Fighting back from the syringe fed items was the beginning to a amazing recovery for mine, Hope your little guy gets better soon !!!

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Great you are making a super effort with your new baby. Sorry you are having some trouble though.
I do hate to have to tell you but the UVB that you are using, the ESU tube light puts out basically zero UVB emissions. He wont be able to absorb his calcium properly without UVB exposure. You will need to purchase a Reptisun 10 tube bulb & you can get it from here for a great price:

If you are using liquid calcium right now, do not use the powdered calcium in combination with the liquid as that will be too much for him. It sounds like he has parasites or worms, probably from stress from his previous living situation.
I would limit feeding him broccoli due to the higher oxalate amounts in it which binds calcium absorption. Here is a really good feeding chart to help you with feeding choices:

What are the temperatures in the tank & what type of thermometer do you use to measure the temperatures with? A stick on type, a digital probe or a temp gun?

Let us know how he is doing.
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