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Gobi is one of our Rankins Dragons and he's the most laid back of them. When I have him out he spends most of his time eying a dark place to curl up and sleep.

I just had to share his cuteness as he tried to get comfy:





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Thanks! I'm going to start updating this thread every once in a while with pics of them. I want to try and capture the differences between them and dearded dragons so people can really see what they are about. They are so different!!!


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I just melted, They are just so cute and innocent looking! I cannot wait for more pics :mrgreen:


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HAHA thanks! They really are innocent and child-like. The way they look around as if they are seeing things for the first time is both fun to watch and...strange. I'm not sure they are nearly as intelligent as bearded dragons, but in a way I think that might not be a bad thing. :p

Here are some more pictures with better detail so people can get an idea of what they really look like:
Left to right: Gobi, Sahara and Kalahari

This is Gobi. You can see he sits up higher than the beardies do. They are pretty flexible.

And this is Sahara. She is looking over the edge and watching Kalahari run around on the floor. They are so curious and watch each other intently.

And all that running around made them so tired.


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They are so little and adorable! Thanks for posting the photos. I will stay tuned for more. I find them interesting. I like to be educated on the differences as well since I don't know much about them. Who knows maybe that will be my next pet. :lol:


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Menolly07":1jkggpis said:
I think I kind of love Sahara...

She is a sweetie and loves to eat. :D All three are gentle and passive. When I pick them up they almost lay in my hands with their bellies on my hand. They kind of surrender where the bearded dragons want to situate themselves. It's hard to explain. I love spending time with them and watching them.


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Irwinshealth":2744b4nw said:
They are so little and adorable! Thanks for posting the photos. I will stay tuned for more. I find them interesting. I like to be educated on the differences as well since I don't know much about them. Who knows maybe that will be my next pet. :lol:

They are great pets and are extremely sweet. And they eat less than the beardies do, but they seem to poop more. :? They also don't seem to bask quite as long as the bearded dragons and hang out in the shade more, like under the basking area.


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Can you house them together? If so ,does it matter what the sexes are? I already have my mind fixated. How much is it to get a good quality breed of a Rankins?


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Ialways thought Rankins were smaller beardies, thanks for straightening me out on that. I didn't realize they were a separate species. I was also told they were difficult to find & very rare & here you have 3. Where did you get them? They are adorable & even though they have some resemblances to beardies I can see they are so very different. I wish you lived closer, I'd love to see them in person! Lucky you!


These guys are adorable! I just got a rankins dragon, found the little guy at a pet store that specializes in birds. He was marked down to $40 for being almost a year old and a 'biter', but they had his viv right by a macaw, two african grays and a cockatoo, so I think the poor guy was just afraid of the big birds, now that he is at my house, he is super tame and loves to be picked up and scritched. He will climb on top of my juvenille beardie when she is sunbathing in the window, like a baby beardie (of course I am right there supervising), and will sit on my son's knee when he is playing on the computer. I will have to post a photo... He looks a little smaller than yours, and more gray/green in color, no tan. We love him, and feel so lucky to have him join us!

Yours are just beautiful! How much do they eat for you and what do you feed them? I have been feeding cato pretty much the same diet as primrose (juvie beardie female), leafy green salads, fruit, veggies, dusted smaller crickets (i pick the smallest ones of the batch for him), pheonix worms when we have them, and the smallest of the superworms (he loves these, but in a container of 50, there are probably less than 10 that are small enough for him!) But he doesn't seem to eat nowhere near as much as our beardie!

Where do you live? I am in Ohio, USA.

Cheers :)

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