R.I.P Zen

My boy Zen passed last night.
To say I'm devastated doesn't even begin to convey the amount of hurt. He was doing fine when I left for Washington, but during the trip he crashed.
We took him to the vet as soon as I got here and he said Zen had developed pneumonia. I don't understand how that can happen in 2 days. I had been monitoring him relentlessly every since he aspirated, and there was no rattling, wheezing, popping, discharge, ect. The vet said the sudden climate change coupled with him being slowed down due to wanting to be in brumation was way to much stress for him. But 2 days? I just can't reconcile it.
I want to tell about him and his life and what a wonderful boy he was but words completely escape me right now. I can barely put 2 thoughts together.
It's cold, wet, and dury here. And now I have to lay my boy to rest in a place that it always wet, rainy, and forlorn and that is 1500 miles from his home. Something about that seems so very perverse.
I'll try to do a memorial thread befitting of him in the near future but right now the words just won't come.
Rest in peace buddy and know you were loved dearly 💔


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