Pooping while sleeping?

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I don't honestly know if this is reason for concern but I would like a speedy answer that's why posting here.

So about 10 minutes agao which is 11:40pm my time I walked by my bearded dragon's home and I smell a stinky smell the usual.

Only problem is my dragon has been sleeping for the last 4 and a half hours...

I look inside and turn on the lights and my dragon is awake and there is poop all over his log that he usually sleeps on.

This has not once ever happened before and usually happens between 10 and 11:30 am in the morning.

Should I be worried?


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Hi there,

Im certainly no expert, but my girl went through a phase of sleeping, waking up, pooping, taking about two steps forward and going back to sleep all within about 3 minutes. I only noticed this behaviour after a few mornings waking up to find her with poop on the back of her tail, but eventually I caught her in the act. She did this when she was gravid and her pooping habits returned to normal after.



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Hello Marc,

Is Swatke brumating or semi-brumating right now? If so, that could be one thing throwing off his system if he has recently eaten.
That is not a normal thing for them to poop when they are asleep or half asleep. Or did he just eat way too much last night, or did he get too warm overnight?

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