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I adopted a bearded dragon not knowing she was pregnant, came home and there were eggs all over the tank. Several were dented out of the 19 from being stepped on, only 3 looked decent. I have no clue what to do because I've never done this before. Please help! I'm also in the chat room if someone can talk. :( :!:


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well without an incubator of some sort I dont think there is really a chance of you keeping the babies and getting them to hatch and survive. these eggs may not even be fertile. if you didnt know she was pregnant and you didnt prepare for these eggs, then it is best to just get rid of them.

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I wish I could help. I have never had this problem for which I'm glad as all the beardies I've had have given me enough to freak out over. Any way, on here people suggest that you get the eggs into an incubator. I understand that the first clutch of beardies can be infertile. Do you know if she was with a male in the same tank? Some female beardies can have eggs even if they have not been housed with a male, these eggs are infertile. Those eggs can be thrown out. If you know for sure that these eggs have been fertalized, you must decide what you want to do with them. Do you want to hatch the ones that are still undamaged? This can cost a lot of $. It has been suggested that if you don't want to hatch them you can freeze them, then discard them.

All of this info is just because of me reading various threads that suggest these things.


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She was with a male & all are fertile but 3. Would they be ok until in the morning when I can get an incubator or is that too late? :(

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I would try to keep the temps up where the eggs are. Of course, separate the eggs from the female. I'm not an expert with beardie eggs. But I remember that the reason to freeze the eggs before you throw them out is to make sure they don't hatch while they are in the trash dumps. They may be o.k. unless they get to cold. I would try to put them in a separate container and leave a 40 watt bulb or something to keep the heat at 85 f. Apparently they need to be kept at a certain humidity.


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I heard no freezing. For now, keep them in maybe temporary 10 gal with heat lamp. Put them in a container with maybe some moist warm towels. Keep it humid! Maybe keep it around 110? I dunno ive never done this! :shock:
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