Pink/red ish liquid in her urine

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Hey, my 4 year old female beardie was acting a little wierd lately, doing alot more window dancing and trying to bury herself in the ground, and also trying to squeeze herself through tiny holes. It was funny to watch, but the next day she did it again, but after she peed (i guess?) some white liquid, that included red/pink ish substance.

i gave her squash and some blueberries that day, but she dint really eat any.
fed her 4 silkworms and about 4 crickets before she got distracted and started walking everywhere again.

i can post a picture of how it looked like, if the board accepts it? i can post in a few mins.

Could it be her "woman" time of the year? or..maybe a real health issue? i wanted to talk here before going to the vet. let me know if you guys know anything...thanks


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Is your dragon just excreting urates with no feces? It should come out all in one.

No, dragons don't menstruate, they can lay infertile eggs which would be the equivalent sorta.

Oh, and feel free to post pics.. I think the title is fair enough warning.


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usually she always poos aswell, but this time it was randomly just pee. here, i'll post a pic.

i even gave her a bath after to make sure she dint have to poo afterwards..but she dint need to :/

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The pink in the urates, glass dancing and trying to dig and/or bury herself "could" be signs of your beardie being gravid.
Is she having more frequent small urates?
Have you noticed her belly getting any larger? Can you feel any lumps/eggs in her belly?


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She has been peeing more than pooing lately, (past 2 poops)
her other "poop" contained more liquid than poo, and had little red in it.
she looks like she lost a tiny bit of weight, ill go feel her up for the eggs. where should i be touching her?

side note : she ate this morning some crickets, but once again ignored the squash (kinda normal for that)

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Well I have never had a gravid female, but I have heard that sometimes you cannot feel the eggs until they are about ready to lay.
Hopefully someone who has had some experience with this will reply.
You know it might just be a good idea to get a fecal done. I know parasites "may" cause blood in the stool.
Wish I could be of more help.


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she's running around now, seems good, eyes are bright, teeth are fine...she seems ocmpletly fine. but i still made an appointment at the vet.

Oh reptiles. i wish i could communicate with them. lol
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