petco irritates me....

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wow is all i can say.. went to petco yesterday for some stuff for sonny and there was a sign on the beardies that said not for sale, under investigation.. apparently "there was a leg nipper in the bunch" and the beardies were having back leg troubles and kinked tails.. first off, for me only being 15, care and know about reptiles more then most kids that work there. first thing i notice is poop everywhere like its never been cleaned, no basking light just UVB and the worst part, a giant dish full of adult mealworms.... im starting to think that the back leg troubles were because they are impacted.. and i witnessed a baby crested gecko get attacked by a gargoyle gecko.. the crestie now has no tail and only 3 feet... i wish i could help.. sorry for this rant but had to tell somebody..
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