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Hello, I have 2 rescue bearded dragons. My boy is Ridley. He’s approx 3 years old. He came to us after he was abandoned in a rental property. He was not well handled and terrified of just about everything. Fast forward today, he’s the biggest cuddle bug I’ve ever seen.

I was told he had never really had a bath and it took us a while to get him used to being bathed. He’s really good about it now and seems to enjoy it. He doesn’t really know how to swim and tends to kick and dig only on one side lol. Recently, he’s started doing this weird almost stomping/waving and only when he’s in the bath and only with that one hand.

Anyone able to shed some light on why he’s doing this? Here’s a video
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Looks like he enjoys splashing in his baths. My Bell splashes and swims too. Sometimes I'll think he wants out because he will go and go at one corner of the tub, but then when I take him out he crawls right back in.

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