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Just got home from what was billed as "the first mega reptile expo ever held in the Northeast" - and boy, was it ever. I thought the NY Metro Reptile Expo was big before... but this time, a whole new floor was opened up in the basement of the building. Because I wasn't actively looking for a beardie or cage furnishings this time, and because I was on my own, I focused mainly on strolling around and checking out who had beardies (a surprising few focused breeders, like Daichu Dragons, were there... this seems to be mainly a snake and gecko population) and looking in on what beardies there were.

Lots of vendors seemed to carry baby beardies as an addition to other herps they were selling... I was amazed, and a little dismayed, to find one dealer selling hatchlings that couldn't have been more than a couple of weeks old; they were toy sized dragons, 4" long at best. I had to walk away from another dealer who was blithely telling an interested mom and daughter pair that beardies do great on sand, but to make sure to get the calci sand, and to soak them weekly because "they absorb water through their vents." At the supply corner, one poor new owner was being given the hard sell on a 20L new dragon kit, full of "all the stuff your new dragon will need." Lots of not-so-great info from people who clearly didn't specialize in beardies.

Of course, there was good info to be had, too. The few dedicated breeders who were there had care sheets to go home with their pets, and at a table for a local exotic vet, the beardie care sheets had all been taken by the time I stopped to chat. If you knew what you were looking for, there were plenty of beardie tank furnishings and beardie-sized tanks for a very good price. Lots of feeders, too - mainly superworm and mealworm dealers, but they had good prices on crickets (I picked up 100 for $5) and some hornworms and waxworms. Dubias were going for the same price, or slightly higher, than dubiaroaches.com sells for. I picked up a hundred for $18, to save myself the shipping, since I was there anyway - but the cost of parking and admission negated any real savings.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough afternoon, if a crowded one on the main floor. They're billing this "mega" expo as an annual event, so I guess the next expo in the spring will be the normal size, but hey, it's big enough for me!
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