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Hello, my daughter and I just got our young bearded dragon this week. I kept a pair of Niger Uromastyx for about 9-10 years before they passed of old age. The Bearded dragons remind me of them and have several similarities. My Uros required quite a bit hotter Temps and almost 0 added water other than their greens. They loved Hibiscus flowers and dandelions. My question is, her basking log runs the length of her 40 gallon tank. We are purchasing a Zoomed Reptisun 10.0 t5 tomorrow. Her enclosure has a metal top with round holes bigger than the typical screen material, but made similar to a screen. The log ranges from 4 inches from the screen at its highest to 10 inches at its average. The basking temp is about 112 or so at the hottest and grades cooler the farther away from the hot spot with the cool end being in the mid 80's. Can we put this uv on the outside of the screen or do I need to mount it inside even though its a pretty tall basking log?

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If your screen is a wide hole as you described it can stay on top distance should be 8-10 inches directly above the basking decor-

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I need help my bearded dragon is acting strange when she eats its like she doesnt feel her tongue she walks in a very strange froggy way not like she used to
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