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Hi everyone,

I am new here and would like to say hello to everyone. I have three beardie dragons. I have a female who is a year old who I bought from petsmart, her name is Reptar. (originally thought she was a male lol. . She is doing great and is very sweet. My second one is a silkie and he is awesome. He of course needs extra care but love him to pieces. He Is about 7 months old and I got him from a local pet store from the town I moved to around 8 months ago. His name is Freya. ( thought he was a female LOL) My little guy is about 4 months old and he has gorgeous colors. I got him from petco when he was too tiny to sell. I felt so bad for him so I bought him immediately. His name is Jinx. (like the Pokémon) He is a character and is always moving around. Never stays in one places.

Its amazing how different their personalities are. Can someone tell me where I should post questions regarding my silkie? I have images to show aslo. I could really use some insight.



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Welcome! The link to upload pictures is at the top of the page. If you're on your phone it can be more difficult to navigate the full website so here is the link When you make a post or comment use the XIMG button in the text box to choose from the pictures you have uploaded. On phone again, sometimes you have to refresh the user upload page before it works, at least I have too

There is a Health forum. That may be the best place to ask about your specific dragon. I'm think a more general broad topic on silkies would be okay for General. I'm not mod so not my call. Hope I was helpful.

We love pictures. I'm sure you have to have a special enclosure set up for a silkie compared to the other enclosures for your other 2 :)

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