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That is quite a bit of improvement there! How is his appetite doing? Since he has been
through a harsh treatment, I would recommend giving a probiotic for a few weeks, to try
& restore his gut bacteria & balance it out.
What type of cleaner are you using currently for his tank? He looks good overall though,
so give him a bit of time to become accustomed to his new home.



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For every other day we’re using these generic animal cleaning wipes that we had for cleaning our hamsters tank. Weekly we soak in very hot water and betadine for about an hour. And wipe the inside with cleaning vinegar let it sit and then wipe with hot water after about 30 mins.

I’ve never thought of doing a probiotic, I know our vet had said that the meds may make him naseous. He’s been eating less than before we were on meds - before meds we were looking at 30-40 mealworms over 3 meals. Now he won’t eat mealworms (we think he’s actually bored of worms) and we’ve got him on crickets, he’s eating about 4 1/2inch crickets each twice a day. We’re downsizing the crickets on the next pick up though because I think they are just a little to big for Potato to comfortably hunt. We also weigh almost daily, vet said not to worry too much about his weight unless it starts going down.

Current weight is 85 g and length is 12 inches.

I’ll definitely try feeding out of the tank, he kinda just sits there if it hops away since there’s so much stuff for the crickets to hide in.

We are going through a big shed right now so I’m sure that isn’t helping, but we are very excited because it’s the first big shed we’ve seen on his beard since we first started noticing YF and the crusts formed!


We've only had our little guy for a week now and he's not too keen on hunting at the moment. I've gotten him to take a cricket nymph or two in his baby tank (big one is still getting grouted), but at least he is taking dry and greens. It just takes time, I suppose. Makes me anxious tho. Our first little girl had a crazy appetite at this age.

Hopefully once the big one's ready, he can settle in. Won't have to deal with the cat wanting to play with him and trying to catch his food through the glass :/ At least she's much more interested in his food than him. I can take him out right in front of her and she just wants to get a his food dish. ?


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So two days ago was potato’s last dose of meds! Vet said stop them after one week of no crusts (as long as it’s been over 45 days).

My goodness the meds must’ve had her feeling gross, this morning Potato ate 23 crickets and a hornworm!!! We haven’t seen him eat that much since we started the meds! She also seems a lot less stressed :)

Also we’re flip flopping on gender terms so that when we do find out we’re not stuck in our ways with one or the other!


We checked our boy over with a torch to look for signs of hemipenes before we brought him home. Yours may be a bit too big for enough light to get through, but you could always try - you just need a bright torch in a dark room.
Flip up the tail so you have a good view of the underside and torch from the top - looking for two dark areas at the base of the tail, one on either side. Will be an awkward hold; the breeder flipped our boy nose down against her stomach to get the right angle.

Dark spots = boy
Lack of = girl

It's a good early indicator, but not always very clear with super young babies. Ours is around 12 weeks old and they were 'just' visible, to the point where we say 'likely' boy. He was the most prominent out of the ones we looked at.

If it's too old for the above, you'll just have to wait it out :)
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