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I just got a new tank for my lizard (which I believe is 40 gallons). It's exactly 3 ft long, 18 inches wide, and 15 inches tall. I've been struggling to find the proper basking bulb for him. The one he has at the moment, which is 100w flukers basking bulb, is not even reaching 100 degrees. So far, these are the only two I've found that I think might work. But I'm not sure.


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I have about the same size terrarium as you only 3 inches taller. From my experience so far, id stay away from exo terra bulbs... i have had my beardie for two months now and he started to do this weird eye twitching movements i think it was due to the exo terra basking bulb i had in there. It was too hot and bright for him. I got a halogen floodlight bulb 120w and seems to work just fine. It also can be dimmed as well. The wattage depends how warm gets in room so it might take some playing around with to get the temperature right.

Heres how i have my lighting setup:
I have the basking bulb on reptile stand so i can raise and or lower if need be, the other side is to provide some light regular household bulb (no heat).


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100W should be fine. It's a matter of getting him closer to the light.

The alternative is to use a halogen flood light, but if you do that you need to get a dimmer also and plan on trying to suspect the light farther above the basking spot.

Option 1: Use an elevated basking spot that gets closer to the light.
Option 2: Use a halogen bulb, typically 60 watt PAR38, and a dimmer and suspend the bulb like 12 to 20 inches from the basking spot.
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