my western bearded dragons not eating!

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Ive had my baby carlos for about 4-5 months but he is around 20 months old, he usually has a healthy appetite, eating from 4-5 crickets a day and everynow and then meal worms, he wont eat vegies at all. But in the past fortnight he is basically refusing to eat, the temps are right and he doesnt have mites, he has the correct uvb light and i cant see that he is shedding his skin! he is still pooping but they are getting smaller and less frequent, his sleeping pattern has changed (in that he doesnt sleep) but he looks totally fine! No discolouration and no odd behaivor aside from not sleeping. I dont know what to do, could all this be because of mating season?


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If he was sleeping more, i would have thought that he was getting ready to brumate, but you say he's sleeping less?

Hopefully now this has been bumped up someone else might be able to help you.

You have a western! wow! Could you post a picture?



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I am Australian, so he is an western australian bearded dragon. So pretty sure its diff.
Well since my last post he has been sleeping pretty much non stop! but even tho he isnt eating he isnt losing any weight...but he is weaker, still can move and both front and back legs work but he is much weaker.
So u think he might be brumating? Not sure what that is lol.
Can anyone elaberate?


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brumation is their hibernation. Most are going down around now. Although, since you're in aus, it's just coming up to summer right? so they shouldn't be going into brumation. If you search brumation on the search feature in the top right hand corner, you'll find lots of threads that give you information on in. The signs and symptoms etc, although, one of the biggest signs is lack of appetite with no weight loss, if you notice any weight loss, i'd get some advice on that.

Could you post a picture of him please :lol: :blob5: :blob8: :lol:

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Yes, please post a picture of your western bearded dragon for us americans & fellow UK members who don't get the opportunity to see most of the other Pogona species. :D
What type & brand of UVB light are you using, is it a flourescent tube bulb or a compact or coil light? How old is your UVB light?
Are you using a bright white light for the basking light? I know over in Australia, the better UVB lights are harder to find. If you are using the NEC blacklight UVB, that one is not very strong.
You are in summertime so he should not be sleeping. Breeding season also would not cause him to want to sleep more. He would be more aggressive, & not eat as much most of the time.
Good he is not losing weight, but we need to figure out what is going on so he doesn't start to go downhill on you.

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