My Sweetheart Venus, RIP

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hello all
i havent posted here for a while but i have been keeping in touch with tracie.
i got my venus a year ago from a girl who didnt have a clue how to take proper care of her, she fed her wax worms as a staple and she lived in dirty conditions and was bred at a year old but my poor girl was diagnosed with fatty liver disease back in june and she had a mass removed from the back of her throat. she was meant to pick up from then on but she didnt, i was syringe feeding her ccf and giving her babyfood only a week ago she went right off all of it and wasnt moving much and started a black beard.

well monday gone she was very bad and had to take her to the vet, he wasnt overally concerned :angry5: i then rushed her back to vet on wednesday as she couldnt hold herself up at all and was moving round in circles and she didnt seem responsive at all or alert. they kept her in to run more blood tests, scans and x rays only last night she kept falling all over the place and they said she had excess tissue which could be her fat pads in her abdomen that were simply way too much for her body or it was a very enlarged liver, either way they suspected liver failure, and they suspected toxins were getting to her brain, they believe she may have suffered a stroke of some sort she seemede to have weakness in her left side of her body, it was so alarming she was in an extremely bad way and it was soo heartbreaking, she even had my boyfriend in tears so we had to say goodbye, she went at 2224 last night 5th nov.

RIP my Venus, im so sorry i didnt persevere with the vet more and im so sorry i let you down, you were only 3, i wish you didnt have to suffer even as much as you did, you were the sweetest girl, you loved your cuddles at bedtime in your blankie and snuggle in my neck, im gonna miss that soo much.
now may you be at peace and be happy in Rainbow Bridge.



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