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I’ve been gone a lot lately doing unavoidable things. I really haven’t even had time to myself. The weather has grown much much colder so taking Phira out and about as I do errands is no longer an option. Daisy gets to go for car rides and walks but work has dictated that I have only limited time to do that. Phira has been in His cage for almost a solid week with very little interaction from me. He gets fed and a quick head rub and I’m gone. Today wasn’t a good day for me. I’ve been very stressed out and I snapped at a few of my co workers and even more customers. My boss sent me home. (I’m not in trouble. She knows me and knows I’m not like that normally.) I came home and Daisy greeted me as she always does but when I walked in to the room with Phira I noticed he was just laying under his basking spot. His head lifted when he saw me and then he laid it back down... The house is always cold so I got one of my old red heat bulbs and a extra light fixture and hung it up by the window and turned it on. Then I got my Mister Lizurd and he set on my chest for a good 30 minutes. I cried a little as my nerves broke and how bad I felt for him. I talked and pet him and then I put him under the heat lamp and let him look out the window. He seemed amazed at the yellow trees. He perked up and for hours he and I sat down and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m a firm believer that this critters do in some way shape or form have an emotional connection to us. I had to kiss his beard a few times as well. I called in sick tomorrow. Long live our dragons!

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I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day, hooman. I'm glad you let Phira help. Those little guys are amazing at fixing bad days. My guys have helped me with that countless times over the years.
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