My new Beardie, with some questions!

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Hey everyone I just got my new Beardie, and I guess i'll ask the easiest question first, any ideas for names?

Next, My beardie sometimes has his eyes closed while basking, not all the time, sometimes, is that normal?

My beardie came home yesterday 12/3/16 he ate 2 small roaches at night last night and 2 this morning. Didn't show interest after that. (I let you know that he is maybe less than 4 inches and 1-2 weeks old) is that normal?

Other than that I will start handling him soon and he's been such a good beardie!


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Hello, we'd be happy to give suggestions for a name, but could you post a picture of him? Here's how: Then use the XIMG to attach pics to your post.
That is good he ate anything at all. It takes a week or two to adjust to their surroundings, so hold off for at least the first week with handling. If he is only 4inches long he is VERY young. Make sue he is only eating the very smallest of roaches and crickets, no bigger than the space between his eyes

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Along with Jess's suggestions, post a pic of the roaches next to a dime. It's extremely important that they are tiny nymphs....even if they're slightly too large that can cause impaction + death in a new hatchling.


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AHBD":2vd4vnbf said:
Along with Jess's suggestions, post a pic of the roaches next to a dime. It's extremely important that they are tiny nymphs....even if they're slightly too large that can cause impaction + death in a new hatchling.

Ok I will post a picture as soon as I get home in a few minutes. I'm really worried now only because one of the roaches I fed him was too big. He's eaten a total of 4, 2 yesterday 2 this morning and one of them was too big. Is that a problem or is it if you are feeding them a lot that are to big.

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It depends on just how big he is and how big the roach was, but if he's acting O.K he's probably O.K, but be extra careful.

As for names, I can't help with that. Maybe wait a few weeks to get to know him!

What kind of lighting are you using? Sometimes Lucy closes her eyes when she gets sleepy or is just relaxing. However, recently I've noticed when she's basking she'll close one eye or both eyes in a less relaxed state when basking. I think its an issue with the Exoterra coil light I bought as a back-up when her light burnt out and now turned it off altogether it's been bothering her so much. Just ordered a reptisun 10 today. They're crazy expensive and I used it for years and thought a light is a light. How wrong was I.

As for eating, he might need time to adjust to his new home! I wouldn't worry too much right away. Lucy (6 years old) gets cranky and won't eat. An animal won't starve their self.

Also, are you by chance using sand for substrate? Babies can eat substrate and it can "clog them up" aka cause impaction. Substrate is a debated topic, but it might be worth a shot to switch to paper towels or repticarpet till he gets bigger if he still won't eat.

Good luck with the new baby!!! :blob5:
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