My beardie isn’t eating!

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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2


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PixelatedEmbers":20osfphc said:
My bearded dragon has slowly stopped eating. She’s no longer eating her insects, she’s never liked greens (I tricked her into eating them), but loves blueberries… She has lowered her liking for blue berries too which means she won’t eat her greens. She’s active and goes outside daily. What should I do?

Diet :

Collard greens + other leafy greens, mealworms, carrots, and blueberries are what she usually ends up eating. We also have dried food in her tank which she occasionally eats.

Yes I know mealworms aren’t the best. When we tried crickets, she did eat them but they left small bugs in her enclosure which I didn’t want to pose a threat. She also wasn’t that interested in them but ate a few. Then we tried mealworms which she loved. We moved to super worms because they were bigger, but once she lost interest we went back to mealworms. She eats about 8-12 a day. Now she isn’t eating and I’m worried. I would move to Dubai roaches because they’re said to be the best for beardies… But I can’t persuade my parents to get the, because they don’t want roaches in the house. Help!

Hello everyone. She just pooped today and the urate was a pink/reddish color? Could it be from the blueberries or something else? I’m worried because I don’t know if they’re parasites or blood!

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