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Haven't been around for a while but some of you may remember Trevor - he was really poorly last year with parasites and I had to hand feed him for ages before he finally picked up.

Trevor has recently had a routine fecal done and had parasites including coccidia again so he was treated with baycox and septrin. He's been lethargic since the treatment but hasn't lost his appetite quite so completely and he's getting daily baths in electrolyte solution with probiotics from the vet so I'm not too worried about it.

When I took him to the vet she was concerned that he has stayed fairly inactive throughout even though he appears healthy and in good condition. She thinks it may be due to his mbd which he had since before he came to me.
Trevor has deformed front feet and, while they are straighter than they were and he walks ok on the left foot now, his right foot is quite severely bent and he walks on the wrist.
The vet thinks that he may be in some pain and that as he has grown and become heavier he has been reluctant to move as much because weight bearing on the right foot may be painful. He's now about 18months and weighs over 300g.

The vet has given me metacam for him - he has 1 drop (3units) every other day.

I was just wondering if anyone else has used this with their dragon and whether it might have any side effects - he's only had 2 doses but if anything he seems sleepier.


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seems nobody has any experience of using metacam with dragons

he has picked up quite a lot now and doesn't seem so sleepy on it

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Sorry no one responded. I must have missed this.
I have experience with Metcam. It can be used for semi long periods of time, but should not be given for long term so your dragon doesn't become physically dependent on it.
It doesn't seem to have a whole lot of side effects if it is dosed properly. So your dragon experiencing lethargic or sleepy behavior was normal since it was a new substance in his system that his body had to break down. Once they get used to it, their body's metabolism should take care of the minimal side effects, for the most part.
How is his appetite?



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I have used metacam with a beardie. It is a version of meloxicam (which is used frequently for humans as well as dogs, cats, and reptiles) which is an anti-inflammatory in a strength and dosage specifically based on your reptiles species, weight and age. It helps relieve swelling and pain. It is safe to use for short term with minimal side effects. It will reduce some of the swelling in the joints/tissue in both front legs, especially the one that he is walking on the ankle area rather than the foot. reducing the swelling will also reduce much of the pain and in turn he will find it easier to move around. Yes, drowsiness/sleepiness is a side affect, but as his body adjusts, this will lesson while maintaining the anti-inflammatory properties. Your vet is the best source to decide the length of time to use this med. As with many meds, long term use can affect the kidneys and/or liver (this holds true for any animal as it does also with humans). I hope that he will be able to have an improved quality of life. Don't give up, your doing a good job seeking the best care for your dragon


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thanks for the replies - very reassuring

as for his appetite; it's now the best it's been since he was a baby although he still won't move for it, just sits and waits for prey to come to him :p He's started to eat more veg too :)


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Eating is good, even if he waits for it too come to him! Relieving the pain helps them feel more like eating.
Keep us posted how he's doing
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