Lights off for brumation?

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I'm fairly sure Miss Buddy is in brumation. She seems healthy overall. She basically seems healthy overall. She just refuses to really bask or eat. She seems bright eyed and healthy. Should I turn her lights off? I've heard of people doing that.


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I never turned the lights off for Suki when she was in brumation, my thought being out in the wild the sun still rises and sets. But I did follow seasonal lighting, so in the winter the lights were on less, about 10 hours.

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I've always turned mine the wild they'd be in a fairly deep cave/crevice with minimal light but many owners still have success with lights on as Suki does. I think they do go into a deeper sleep with lights out though and less heat as well .


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She is just at a year, maybe older. She has been acting like this ever since the beginning of August. Yesterday she ate some salad and basked for the first time. She hasn't pooped yet. I think I'll keep her lights on.

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Yes, definitely keep her lights on especially since she is eating and hasn't pooped yet. If she was sleeping continually then thinking about turning the lights off should be considered although I never have as mine haven't ever completely brumated for months like some do. Mine only semi-brumate.
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